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LAB SERIES Launches Instant Filter Moisturizer

Monday Oct 1, 2018

New from LAB SERIES Skincare For Men, this daily moisturizer provides an in real life digital filter effect — just like the apps that make your photos "magazine cover-worthy."

Capitalizing on the color trend in men's skincare, Instant Filter Moisturizer uses cutting edge color technology to address common skin issues. By translating the four main digital filter effects into a moisturizer, our unique formula with touch-activated blurring technology, counteracts visible redness, enhances brightness, visibly smoothes aws, and rebalances the look of your overall skin tone in just one swipe. The end result is perfection without detection bringing new meaning to the hashtag, #nofilter.

How does it work? A blend of color reflectors and encapsulated pigments provide an immediate blurring effect by neutralizing visible discolorations and redness and smoothing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and rough skin. Light is reflected off of Silica and titanium dioxide to help diffuse the appearance of skin imperfections and blemishes.

In addition, there are green and blue optics in the formula. The green optics help neutralize the look of redness. According to color theory, green and red are opposite of each other on the color wheel, so they neutralize each other. The blue optics are in the formula to add brightness — helping counter dullness.

The encapsulated pigments also help visibly even skin tone as they provide a light layer of pigment. When the product is applied, the casing that these pigments are in break apart, allowing the pigment to spread across the face. This is why if you apply the product to a white surface, you'll see it go from a white to a pigmented tone.

EDGE tested the product and true to its name, it does subtly provide an even skin tone when applied, even though it appears to go on clear — there's no visible tint to the product and it leaves a matte finish.


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