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Territory: Reinforcing Healthy Habits, One Meal at a Time

by Matthew Wexler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jun 24, 2019
Territory: Reinforcing Healthy Habits, One Meal at a Time

In a crowded space, the at-home meal delivery industry is forced to make some quick shifts to keep up with consumer wants.

Increasingly so, people are craving sustainably and ethically prepared meals rather than heavily packaged — and often overpriced — meal kits, which require prep time and yield varying results. (Have you ever asked yourself, 'Why doesn't this look like photo accompanying the recipe?)

Enter Territory, who since their inception about 8 years ago, has seemingly always been ahead of the curve when it comes to serving intentional eaters. They offer fully cooked meals from local chefs, prepared with insights from nutritionists to ensure what you're getting out of your meal is as bountiful as what's on the plate.

Territory is a game-changer in many ways. Not only do they guarantee satisfaction, but their commitment-free model also supports small businesses through both their culinary and delivery approach. Now available in six markets with more on the horizon, Territory's seamless online and mobile interface is not only easy to use, but it also hits the mark for those with dietary preferences and restrictions (think Whole30, Keto, Vegan, and more). Meals are delivered (for free!) twice a week to nearby partner locations such as a local gym, or for a small additional charge, have them arrive on your doorstep.


Territory, at its heart, serves well-being. They strive to make it "super easy to commit to the life-changing rituals of eating well and being active." And it all begins with what and how we eat. The company's team of nutrition advisors uses their expertise in food science, physiology, public health and more to help support teams of local, independent chefs putting their personal stamps on meals.

Don't expect cookie-cutter meal plans generated out of a huge factory. Each chef works out of a certified commercial kitchen, creating curated recipes that fit your lifestyle. It's like having a personal chef at a fraction of the cost.

There are nearly two dozen chefs currently in the Territory network, each putting their personal stamp on recipes that speak to their cultures, culinary viewpoints, and life experiences.

Chef Rachelle Slotnick (DMV) their founding chef, who got her start in the personal chef world, moved on to cook in five-star restaurants, and now fuels thousands of customers each week across the DC metro area. Chef Pete Servold (San Diego) has classic training from Le Cordon Bleu and uses those skills for paleo-friendly recipes. Chef Deepak Adhikari has worked everywhere from five-star hotels to the high seas, where he's gained experience for his fusion cuisine. And that's merely an amuse-bouche of Territory's roster of culinary talent.


The key to a great chef is starting with great ingredients. Territory is guided by an anti-inflammatory ingredient approach. Means no gluten, dairy, or refined sugars in their meals. They also use REAL certification as a benchmark, which follows standards of holistic nutrition and environmental stewardship.

In plain speak, this means food options that provide health benefits; preparation that maintains or enhances food's healthfulness; sourcing focused on quality, sustainability and animal welfare standards; and best practices in terms of leadership.

Territory is not only bringing healthy, nutritious meals to a growing and dedicated customer base, it's also making a big impact in the global fight against hunger through proceeds, meals and volunteer hours.

Partnerships include efforts with Feeding America, our country's national network of food banks, as well as local organizations such as Upward Bound in Los Angeles in Arcadia's Mobile Market in the Capital region, among others.

Giving back has been part of Territory's business model since its inception. Most recently, every time an order is placed, Feeding America received the funds it needs to recover and share more than a pound of food with someone struggling to put food on the table.

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Matthew Wexler is EDGE's National Senior Editor of Travel, Lifestyle, Health & Branded Content. More of his writing can be found at Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wexlerwrites.


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