Angus Cloud — 'Euphoria's' Fezco — Gets Clean Cut, But Will He Survive Show's Finale?

Friday February 25, 2022
Originally published on February 25, 2022

Angus Cloud is the latest breakout actor from HBO Max's "Euphoria," and he is making the best of his newfound fame by promoting brands on his Instagram. The 23-year old's latest is for one he happens to love," reports People Magazine: Polo. The fragrance brand from Ralph Lauren announced on Wednesday that Cloud "will be the new face of Ralph Lauren Fragrances for an upcoming campaign."

Those who know Cloud for playing the bearded drug-dealer Fezco will be surprised by his new clean-cut look, which he unveiled on Instagram.

"The new campaign also features TikTok stars Blake Gray and Sharl, which is designed to reveal a, 'more modern perspective of today's Polo story,' " adds the Daily Mail.

"Cloud fronts the latest digital campaign celebrating iconic scents Polo Green, Polo Red and Polo Blue," .

"Cloud has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Polo Ralph Lauren, collecting more than 200 shirts with the iconic pony logo over the years," People notes.

"Every time I was in the thrift store, anything with a Polo pony on it, I would grab that," Cloud said. "At a certain point, I realized I hadn't worn a t-shirt in a couple months ... that was the start of it, collecting Polo ponies."

On "Euphoria," Cloud's character Fezco was often seen wearing the brand's familiar polo shirt.

"When meeting Angus at an event last December, we really loved the authenticity of his Polo story, his kindness and his unique style that resonates in today's world," said Alexandre Choueiri, global president of Ralph Lauren Fragrances. 

On Sam Levinson's hit show, Cloud's character came into focus this season after his life story was chronicled in the show's opening episode of the second season. In it, upbringing by his drug-dealing grandmother and his relationship with the younger Ashtray (an orphan to whom they give shelter) was explained in flashbacks, while in the present Fezco pursued Lexi Howard at a New Year's Eve party before bashing Nate Jacob's head in.

Over the season's narrative arc, Fezco has been bonding with Lexi to the point where fans have nicknamed "Fexi." In the most recent episode (the seventh), she reserved a front-row seat to the premiere of her play during last week's episode story. But that his seat remained empty gives some pause to Fezco's fate in the upcoming season finale, especially after hints that he is being monitored by police after being tipped off by his friend Custer.

"So, what happened to Fez? Given the trailer for episode 8, it looks like the police come knocking on Fez's door," reports ShowBiz CheatSheet. "Police sirens and lights are seen throughout the promo for the finale, and Fez is also on the ground yelling. He has blood on his shirt, too, though it's unclear if the blood belongs to him."

In a recent interview with The Complex, Cloud pondered whether Fezco might be dead by the episode's conclusion.

"I mean, it's definitely possible," Cloud said. "You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust." 

He also defended Fez. "Not all your actions define you. I've said it before, good people are forced to do bad things," the actor says. "The question is, like, if you got a starving family, if you go steal some fucking apple off an orchard to fucking save your family, does that make you a bad person for stealing an apple or a good person for taking after your family? It's not black and white." Fez isn't a bad person, he's just someone in an unfortunate situation, kind of like most of the characters on "Euphoria." What he does for a living doesn't change the fact that he's compassionate and good-natured, and ready to protect and defend his people when he needs to. 

The Complex adds that playing a drug dealer hits a little close to home for Cloud who shared that he has had loved ones who have struggled with addiction. "It's a real thing," he says about addiction. "People don't understand it. It's easy to talk about and it's easy to say, 'Just say no,' But for someone who is in active addiction, that is damn near impossible and they will throw their whole life away and they will die because of this disease or whatever, and then they will say it's not a disease because you 'choose' to do drugs. You don't 'choose' to do cancer." 

He continues: "But there are studies of the brain that this kind of addiction overcomes and it takes over your brain, so it's almost a mental type of disease and it will take over your life, it will ruin your life. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies, I have lost friends to that shit, you feel me?"