Alaska Assistant Attorney General Revealed to be Deseret Supporter

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday July 23, 2021

Alaska Assistant Attorney General Revealed to be Deseret Supporter
  (Source:Associated Press)

Alaska assistant attorney general Matthias Cicotte has been revealed to be a supporter of Deseret nationalists, association of rightwing, extremist Mormons who view progressive Mormons, LGBTQ Mormons, former Mormons and political progressives as opposition.

As reported and investigated by The Guardian, Cicotte reportedly used a secret Twitter under JReubenCIark to post a series of racist, antisemitic and homophobic posts on social media. The revelation prompted a full review of Alaska's department of law.

From the account, Cicotte tweeted about violence against trans people in 2017 in response to a drag queen story hour in Long Beach, California: "This demon should be burned to death and everyone responsible for that library event should be in prison."


Addressing the investigation presented to Alaska's department of law, Alaska's deputy attorney general, Cori Mills, wrote in a statement shared with the Guardian: "The department of law takes the allegations raised here seriously, and we uphold the dignity and respect of all individuals and ask that all of our employees do the same."

According to the The Guardian, Cicotte did not respond to requests for comment.

Mills explained: "Having just learned about this late last week, we are gathering information and conducting a review. Since this involves personnel issues, we are very limited in our ability to comment further."

From Guardian's reporting, Deseret nationists reportedly "wish to recreate Deseret, the region which is now much of the interior of the western United States, which Mormons sought to have admitted to the union, and effectively ruled between 1862 and 1870."

Other DezNats "advocate the creation of a theocratic secessionist Mormon state, and some have proposed that this be a white ethnostate, a desire which is reminiscent of the proposals of some white nationalists for a white ethnostate in the Pacific north-west."

In deleted tweets under JReubenCIark, Cicotte reportedly posted extremely racist views on Black Lives Matter activist and homophobic views about gender-confirmation surgeries.

"Many DezNats flirt with accelerationist neo-Nazi imagery, and pass around memes and catchphrases that are adaptations of imagery and verbiage associated with the 'alt-right' movement," reports the Guardian. "Many of the tweets under the JReubenCIark moniker suggest antipathy towards Jews, who are the subject of hundreds of tweets that suggest that they are involved in conspiracies against white people, or that they already control the commanding heights of the economy, the media or education."

Thankfully, Cicotte's identity has been revealed.