Watch: 'Survivor' Star Romeo Escobar Reveals Family Reaction After Coming Out

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday May 26, 2022

Romeo Escobar
Romeo Escobar  (Source:YouTube)

"Survivor" star Romeo Escobar didn't win the competition, but he did reportedly win the hearts of millions.

Escobar is opening up about being the show's most visible LGBTQ representation in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and he says the response from his family and the audience after coming out on the show has been "amazing."

"I live my life out and my immediate family knows about me," says Escobar about his sexuality. "It's just my extended family, the ones that live abroad that didn't know about me."

Still, the moment was emotional for everyone. After the episode aired, they called me crying, "How would you think that we would not love you? We love you regardless," he says. "It was just amazing."

What's more is that fans began coming to him for advice about coming out and talking to their LGBTQ family members.

"I'm getting messages from kids who are not out to their parents that were watching the episode with their parents on the couch saying, "Oh my God, that's me. And I can't tell my parents and you're so brave and one day I hope that I can be like you," says Escobar.

But the most touching message came from someone living in Iran, says Escobar.

"Maybe he watched a clip on YouTube, but he messaged me saying, 'I live in a very conservative Muslim country where homosexuality is not okay. Watching you made me feel seen and made me relate. And now I feel like I could be more brave and I can walk with my head held high." And those messages really just made me feel like I won Survivor anyways," says Escobar.

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