Watch: Could This Be the 'Wildest Oral Scene' in TV History?

Monday May 30, 2022
Originally published on May 24, 2022

Brian Altemus and Brian Altemus on "The Time Traveler's Wife"
Brian Altemus and Brian Altemus on "The Time Traveler's Wife"  (Source:Twitter)

On Sunday night's episode of the new HBO series "The Time Traveler's Wife," there was a scene that some are calling "the wildest oral sex scene in the history of television."

The new HBO series features Theo James as a man (named Henry de Tamble) whose ability to time travel leads to some pretty wild situations, especially since he is nude upon his arrival in different time periods. It certainly complicates his relationship with his wife, Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie).

But nothing prepared viewers for the odd scenario on Sunday night's episode that puts a new meaning to auto-fellatio.

Decider has already named it "the wildest oral sex scene in the history of television."

It is not that James is showing his physical dexterity in the scene. It turns out he's not in the scene at all. Instead it is the young actor (Brian Altemus) who plays him as a teenager. In the clip, Altemus is first seen in bed with his knees up while appearing to jerk off. In walks his father, and up pops Altermus' double, who was giving his doppelgänger a blow-job.

"Episode two of the show, which aired on Sunday night, gave viewers a little background on how Henry's father found out that his son had the ability to time travel," reports Men's Health. "In a scene which must have inevitably led to the most awkward father-son conversation of all time, Henry's dad walks in on a teenage Henry (Brian Altemus) receiving a blowjob ... from another teenage Henry (also Altemus)."

The awkward situation has led to questions, adds Men's Health. "Is it gay to go down on another man if that man happens to be you? Was Henry genuinely experimenting with the idea of being with another guy, or merely taking advantage of a unique situation? Is his self-on-self-love more like the science fiction equivalent of masturbation? Narcissism? Incest, even?"

Over at Decider, there were more questions.

"And while teen Henry had to be okay with this set up, something about it still feels weird. While pleasuring yourself via masturbation is a natural, time-honored sexual act, something about this set up isn't quite masturbatory. One Henry is doing all the work and the other is getting all the satisfaction. Maybe the Henry under the covers is also turned on by this? But he says he's not gay ... except for himself? Everything about the scene is distinctly more narcissistic than purely passionate.

Also the timing of the moment lands with a thud. Are we attempting to add emotional depth to Henry (and his relationship with Clare) or are we reducing him into a walking tawdry joke? It's also hellaciously uncomfortable to imagine how Dad dealt with this? And strange that he's just offering up this info to the woman Henry assumes he will marry? And she's okay with it?? Keep in mind, a few minutes earlier, a version of Henry time traveled to play checkers with kid Clare."

None of these questions are taken seriously because the sequence is meant more for laughs than an exploration of Henry's sexuality.