Where Are Viral 'Supermarket Sweep' Duo Kevin and Brandon Now?

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday August 9, 2020

In July, Netflix acquired the 90s game show "Supermarket Sweep," which, The Daily Beast reports, "quickly ranked among the streamer's most popular offerings." The show's premise finds teams of two running through — yes — a supermarket, collecting specific items in order to win.

Among all of the game show's episodes, it appears that the team of Kevin and Brandon — a handsome, young, male duo who were college roommates at the time — have made the biggest splash among contemporary viewers, going viral and sparking questions of whether or not they were (or are) in fact a couple — viewers gay-coding the word "roommates" — and where they might be now.

After a TikTok user managed to find Brandon via his daughter, The Daily Beast caught up with both Kevin and Brandon, two straight men who were, in fact, only roommates who shared a love for the game show and realized they could be quite good as contestants. The pair remain good friends even though Brandon lives in Santa Clarita, Calif. and Kevin lives in Austin, Tex. Both were surprised by, but ultimate take in good humor, speculation about being a closeted gay couple their appearance on the show has generated:

Read the profile and interview on Kevin and Brandon at The Daily Beast.

Kevin Schattenkirk is an ethnomusicologist and pop music aficionado.

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