Colton Underwood Has a Lunch Date with Mystery Man

Wednesday April 28, 2021

Since he came out on "Good Morning America" two weeks ago, any time "The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood is seen in public with a man it becomes news. Such is the case on Tuesday when the 29 year old was spotted with a mystery man on a lunch in the L.A. neighborhood of Silver Lake.

The Daily Mail published a pic of Underwood smiling as he was engaged in conversation with the man whose has his back to the camera.

"Colton wore a grey hooded sweater and blue baseball cap as he chatted with his companion and tucked into a healthy meal," the British tabloid writes. "His baseball cap feature the logo for "Devil Dog," a clothing brand inspired by Marines fighting in World War I that describes itself as a"Proud partner of Wounded Warrior Project ('WWP')".

"At one point, Underwood had his arms crossed atop the table as he leaned in to chat with his companion, who was seen laughing and talking with this hands," Radar Online writes. "After their lunch, the two men reportedly hugged for a while and then went off in separate directions."

Radar Online also reports that the pair are not dating. "In fact, we're told the former Bachelor star 'is single' and that the man he was seen out with "is just a friend, nothing romantic."

Underwood coming out was both praised by some and shaded by others, who felt that he was monetizing his sexuality with an upcoming Netflix series that follows his experiences. Others took exception of how he chose to come out to the nation before telling ex- girlfriend Cassie Underwood, whom he pursued on the show and dated for two years after leaving it. And there is also the controversial marketing of Underwood during his tenure on "The Bachelor" as a "virgin," which ABC was said to have pushed to more conservative viewers as an expression of his Christian values, when in actually he was struggling with his sexuality.