'You're Not Safe.' Extremist Promises 'Hunting Expeditions' Targeting Phoenix Area LGBTQ Target Shoppers

Wednesday May 25, 2022
Originally published on May 22, 2022

Ethan Schmidt
Ethan Schmidt  (Source:Twitter)

LGBTQ shoppers at Phoenix area Target stores are being victimized by a video threat from a 24-year old, ultra-right wing extremist. "Ethan Schmidt, posted a short video of himself accompanied by Kyle Clifton who describes himself as 'authoritarian Christian nationalist,' driving in an undisclosed area announcing that he and Clifton will be 'hunting "LGBT supporters" ' and people in area Target retail stores," reports the Los Angeles Blade.

In a video tweeted by PatriotTakes, Schmidt is in the passenger seat of a car being driven by Kyle Clifton, who, at one point, joins in with the hate mongering. Patriot Takes describes itself as a group of dedicated researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy. They first posted the video clip Saturday.

"Clifton is a leader of the America First Union, an openly white nationalist, antisemitic, 'conservative youth' organization," while "Schmidt has a history of making right-wing extremist short videos including a harassment campaign against an Arizona wig shop that serves cancer patients," adds the Blade.

This isn't the first time Schmidt has promised to target LGBTQ people. In a recent report from Mel Magazine, "Last month, Schmidt (or Schmidt-Crockett) began bragging that he was out to find, identify and 'expose' people who are spreading 'gay propaganda.' " The 24-year-old creator of the "ANTIMASKERSCLUB" on social media has been especially active in Arizona, destroying Pride signage, stomping on clothing with positive LGBTQ messaging and targeting people in LGBTQ-friendly places of worship. He records all of it with his camera, hoping to generate anger and action among his small fanbase. 

On April 8, he wrote: "Currently hunting LGBT pedophiles... going well, caught a few," as a teaser to the full video released that evening.

"Of course, the reality of that video is a bit different," Mel Magazine writes. "There are no 'pedophiles' in sight, just a series of perplexed, concerned and angered people reacting to a random young man telling them that expressions of queerness constitute 'grooming.' Nonetheless, Schmidt portrays himself as a fearless warrior on the front lines, fighting back against 'wokeness' by, apparently, bothering strangers."

Below is a transcript of Schmidt's drive-by threats:

"Guys. this June, me, my boy Kyle, you know, we're gong to exposing Target. So, you know, Target, you might as little perma ban you forever across all your stores in the United States. Because if you don't, we're gonna be coming to every single one we're going to be exposing every single Pride physical Pride shrine, satanic rites shrines for children. We're exposing every single one. We're going to be pressing all the managers and every single Target. We're gonna find and expose all the LGBT supporters at — all the employees that supported it. We're going to be exposing them. We're going to make massive scenes in every single Target across, Phoenix, Arizona, and we're not going to let corporate poison the children. So Target, just giving you a heads up that we'll be coming after you hard. Hard. You know I've already explained to you guys pretty good, but this is going to be next level stuff."

Kyle Clifton: "Christ wins. LGBT loses."

Ethan then got personal with his own queer habits, ending with a direct threat.

"Yeah, you know, I also like to haunt LGBT supporters on my free time. It's one of my favorite pastimes, you know, we're also going to be going on hunting expeditions pretty soon. you know, hunting the LGBT supporters across Arizona and Phoenix. So keep an eye out for that because you you're not safe. If you support the LGBT agenda. You're not safe."