Oscar Isaac Sends Twitter into a Frenzy with Full-frontal

Tuesday October 5, 2021

In 2020 Oscar Isaac did a reading of the play "Beirut" in New York City playing the role of Torch, "a young man who is in quarantine after testing positive to a nameless disease." It is not COVID, it turns out. Written some 25 years ago, Alan Browne's one-act was an allegory about a straight couple dealing with an AIDS-like pandemic.

But at one point, Torch says: "Eight inches of dick ain't enough for you, huh?"

It turns out his question could apply to Jonathan, his character in HBO's "Scenes from a Marriage," in which Isaac went full-frontal in the series' penultimate episode. And Twitter exploded with comments.

"During one extended, intense scene, Isaac and [Jessica] Chastain's characters Jonathan and Mira meet up in the home they used to share to sign their divorce papers and make the split official," writes Men's Health. "The encounter soon turns into a bout of passionate breakup sex, in which Jonathan and Mira seem to be using their bodies to express all of the raw feelings they can't quite put into words. In the aftermath, Jonathan stands up, entirely naked, and indicates that he needs to shower."

Actors revealing more of themselves has been a trend lately, most famously by Adam Demos, who had a full-frontal shower scene in "Sex/Life".

"It isn't clear whether Isaac resorted to penile prosthetics or not, but the Internet appreciated what they saw, that's for sure. In fact, they've enjoyed it so much that Isaac trended on Twitter for that one, single scene," reports the website The Things.

"It's a moment of emotional vulnerability brought to life through physical vulnerability. And Isaac underlines this by giving the camera a peek at his deflated pecker after it's all over," writes Decider. "After the two finally break apart, Chastain's Mira suggests they cuddle and eat (even though she's the one driving the separation). Isaac's Jonathan agrees, but looks down between his legs and gestures that he's got to take care of...you know. The camera follows him to the shower where he takes time to wash the sex off of himself."

The moment appears 17 minutes and 40 seconds into the show's fourth episode, called "The Illiterates." The five-episode series is an American adaptation of Ingmar Bergman's 1973 film "Scenes from a Marriage."

You can see part of the scene in this tweet.

Twitter exploded with comments: