Meet 'Daddy Nick,' the Hot Bro Who Just Might Win Netflix's 'The Circle'

Monday September 27, 2021
Originally published on September 25, 2021

Nick Uhlenhuth
Nick Uhlenhuth  (Source:Instagram)

Netflix's addictive reality competition show "The Circle" will announce the winner of its third season Wednesday, after 12-episodes that narrowed the finalists down to five. On the show, contestants are cut-off from the world and are only able to communicate through a social media channel while sequestered in adjoining apartments. The catch is that each could choose to be a catfish — a strategic decision that paid off in Season 2 when DeLeesa St. Agathe won impersonating her husband, Trevor.

On this season, two of the finalists are catfish, while three are playing the game as themselves. Of the latter group, one of the key players — and a favorite to win — is Nick Uhlenhuth, a 27-year-old hunk who graduated from MIT in computer science and at the time of the show's filming worked for as a project manager in Redmond, Washington. He is now a senior product manager at a tech company based in Austin, Texas, according to Bustle.

But to play down coming off as a brainiac, Nick chose not to identify a career in computer science, instead saying he is a drummer in a band. (His twin brother is a musician.)

"I'm gonna de-emphasize everything that relates to brains, or being smart, or computers," he said in his "Circle" intro. "That would make them see me as a threat, 'Oh, this dude is an evil mastermind,' which I am," he said during his introduction. "So, instead, I am gonna pose as a drummer, [a] completely harmless, innocent drummer, who's just looking for a good time and good laughs."

He immediately made friends with his laid back charm, confidence and good looks. Tall (6'2") and lean, he often showed off his toned body while shirtless. He quickly became the "bro" on the show — flirting with other contestants, even leading others to believe he was in a romantic relationship with Isabella (who is actually Sophia, a lesbian playing as her older sister.)

Nick is definitely a player in more way they won, but as the show moved into its final phase, he reminded himself that he needed to be more strategic to win the $100,000 prize.

Nick was one of the biggest flirts this season, not only with Isabella, but also with Rachel — a player who appeared catfishing as her best friend's boyfriend, Jackson. Rachel admitted being attracted to Nick, but felt she couldn't flirt with him in her male guise. And when she was blocked and allowed to visit another contestant, she chose Nick.

"Almost as soon as Nick and Rachel came face to face, and he got over the surprise of her real identity, sparks flew between themm" writes The Cinemaholic. "He was polite and admitted that he was in a flirtationship with 'Isabella,' yet he reciprocated and even started a couple of bantering conversations with Rachel. This duo could not stop smiling the entire time they were together, and towards the end, Nick said, 'We'll definitely hang out after this whole thing,' to which she responded, 'We have to hang out... we can see each other.' "

But did they, after show completed filming?

"We can say this for sure because their Instagram accounts are filled with flirty comments, making it clear that if they are not in a relationship, at the very least, they are great friends," adds The Cinemaholic. "They have been flirting on social media with a lot of cute emojis, but if they do take it to the next level, it will be a long-term relationship since Rachel lives in Los Angeles and Nick is in Austin."

But it appeared Nick's true heart was for Isabella.

But he hasn't been just flirting with other contestants since leaving the show,  Nick "already has a merchandise store on Bonfire, a Cameo profile, and had previously hosted a 'Stars And Swipes' Podcast with Michaela Royer," reports Screen Rant.

And if he decides he wants to play for the other team, he need not look further than fellow contestant Ashley, who was a catfish invented by out physical trainer Matthew Pappadia who invented the term "Daddy Nick" to describe his fellow contestant and crushed on him throughout the contest.

Check out these pics from Nick's Instagram: