London Shoppers Pranked by Man Wearing Face Mask as a G-String

Tuesday July 28, 2020

Tim Shieff walks through London in a G-string on Friday, July 24, 2020
Tim Shieff walks through London in a G-string on Friday, July 24, 2020  (Source:Instagram / @humantimothy)

Did someone tell him he is wearing the mask in the wrong place?

An American man turned heads (literally) on London's Oxford Street on Friday when he walked down the busy street wearing nothing but a face mask as a G-string.

The man was identified, the Daily Mail revealed, as Tim Shieff, 32, a world champion freerunner and YouTube celebrity and avid vegan who was embroiled in controversy when he not only ate meat but said he wanted to kill an animal.

On Friday, the Daily Mail reports, "he made a mockery of new coronavirus laws which make the wearing of face masks compulsory by fashioning one into a thong and strolling through London.

"After stunned passersby stared at the bizarre spectacle, Shieff shared photos of himself on his Instagram and Twitter accounts."

Scuffles have broken out in some British stores and fast food outlets over the wearing of masks. And while the police are urging businesses to enforce the policy, some major chains (Sainsbury's, Asda, Co-Op and Costa Coffee) are refusing to follow the policy.

The American born Shieff is a veteran of three American Ninja Warrior competitions and the first two Ninja Warriors UK tournaments.

He grew a large YouTube following by railing against the "evils" of meat eating, the Daily Mail writes, but lost his following "after admitting he fell off the vegan wagon - by eating eggs and salmon."

He also told the London Times that eating meat is actually vegan, adding: "I do feel like the next stage for me is to kill an animal myself. I've got to really face this."

"In response," writes the Daily Mail, "he was snowballed by an angry vegan online mob which sent him death threats and said they would 'spit on him' if they saw him in public. "

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