PopUps: Martha Stewart Shares Snap of Hunky Mystery Man by the Pool

Saturday June 13, 2020

Photographer Douglas Friedman
Photographer Douglas Friedman  (Source:Instagram / @marthastewart48)

Martha Stewart made headlines last month when it was revealed she was quarantining with her gardener, telling Town & Country magazine that she and Ryan McCallister spent 45 days together in isolation.

But now fans are buzzing about a new man that might be spending time with the 78-year-old businesswoman.

Stewart shared an Instagram post on Tuesday of a shirtless man, wearing a face mask, in what appears to be her swimming pool. In the caption, she writes: "Which do you prefer? Without the Panama hat or with ? The mask stays." The second photo in the post indeed shows the man wearing a Panama hat.

A little Internet research reveals that the mystery man is actually photographer Douglas Friedman, an apparent friend of Stewart. He was mentioned in a 2019 New York Times profile of Stewart and her best friend/brand manager Kevin Sharkey. Additionally, she also mentioned Friedman in a 2019 blogpost about the holiday season.

Click here to take a look at Friedman's Instagram and check out some pics from him below.


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