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James Woods Compares Gay Film 'Call Me By Your Name' to NAMBLA, Armie Hammer Claps Back

Tuesday Sep 12, 2017
A scene from "Call Me By Your Name"
A scene from "Call Me By Your Name"  (Source:You Tube Stilll)

And the award to Tweet of the Week goes to Armie Hammer.

For some reason, actor James Woods decided to retweet a criticism against the gay coming-of-age drama "Call Me By Your Name" - a sensation among critics that's poised to earn a slew of Oscar nominations. The film, based on the novel by André Aciman, is about a love affair between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man, set in 80s Italy.

The tweet from Chad Felix Green, a conservative writer, took issue with the age of the film's protagonists: Ello (played by rising star Timothée Chalamet) is 17 and Oliver (Hammer) is 24.

When Woods retweeted Green's message, the "Videodrome" star added his own take: "As they quietly chip away the last barriers of decency. #NAMBLA."

NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, is a pedophile advocacy group.

While Woods probably thought his tweet was pretty clever, he also learned a valuable lesson: Don't mess with Hammer's critically acclaimed projects. The actor was quick to respond with an amazing clap back:

Hammer is referring to Woods' 2013 creepy, though legal, relationship with Kristen Bauguess. Woods was 66 at the time and Baugess was just 20.

Hammers' take-down earned more than 51,000 likes and nearly 12,000 retweets as well as over 1,500 responses. Among those replies was one from actress Amber Tamblyn, who recalled a specific Woods moment:

"James Woods tried to pick me and my friend up at a restaurant once," Tamblyn tweeted. "He wanted to take us to Vegas. 'I'm 16' I said. 'Even better' he said."

This isn't the first time Woods has fallen into Twitter controversy over LGBT-related stories. The actor came under fire earlier this year when he mocked a "gender-creative boy." Before that, he also got heat for comparing out CNN reporter Anderson Cooper to a "butt plug."

Watch the "Call Me By Your Name" trailer below.

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