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Openly Gay Soccer Player Reveals 20 Athletes Will Come Out Together

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 31
Liam Davis is spilling the details of a big surprise. The openly gay English soccer player told The Telegraph he heard about a group of players coming out as gay in one big announcement.

Survey Shows Majority of Soccer Fans Would Support An LGBT Player

By Ryan Lynch | Dec 24
A majority of soccer fans would not mind having an LGBT player on their national soccer team.

Lesbian Bowler Wins Male Pro Bowling Tournament

By Ryan Lynch | Nov 26
Liz Johnson's bowling win on last Saturday wasn't just another victory for her. The lesbian bowler won the Professional Bowling Association's Chameleon Championship, becoming only the second woman to do so.

Out Volleyball Player Denied Pro-League Contract for Being Gay

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jan 21
Chris Voth plays for the other team, and claims it has cost him a professional contract. The 26-year-old volleyball player told a Finnish publication that he "lost a dream contract abroad" because of his homosexuality.

Surf's Up and Out

Jan 15
Carlsbad resident Bill Curci first started riding waves when he was five and "got into surfing" at 13.

Former Professional Soccer Player Comes Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Jan 14
Adam McCabe, ex-professional soccer player, has revealed he is gay in a story shared with Meanwhiler. His goal was to help out people who are looking for advice, experience and guidance.

Three Gay Soccer Players May Publicly Come Out

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 17
We may soon have more LGBT representation in the professional soccer community. Three players are in talks about coming out publicly as gay.

Pro Skateboarder Brian Anderson Opens Up About Coming Out

By Brittani Ferrendi | Oct 9
Anderson, who won the World Cup of Skateboarding in Germany in 1999, had kept his sexuality out of his professional career due to fear of how friends, family and fans would react. Now he's out in the open.

Sweden to Deport Gay Soccer Player to Gay-Hating Home Country

By Brittany Ferrendi | Aug 20
A gay soccer player will be deported from Sweden to Liberia where he will be prosecuted, beaten and possibly raped for his homosexuality.

Homo History 101: Summer Olympics Edition

By Pier Angelo | Jul 23
The news that the Rio Olympics will feature 33 out LGBT athletes is welcome -- but LGBT Olympians have always been part of the picture.

1 thru 10 of 124 Stories