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Report: Zero Out of 100 Megachurches LGBTQ Affirming

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 5
Shopping for a house of worship to call your own? It might save you time and anguish to determine right off whether you will be welcome at the church you're considering.

Gay and Godly: A Life of Service for the Faithful Realized

By Lainey Millen | Dec 23
Ken Fuquay was always someone whose love for the church helped shape and create the person he is today. This journey was done with joys and struggles and eventually led him to become a "person of the cloth."

House GOP Blocks Dems on Child Taxes As Senate Bill Emerges

By Marcy Gordon and Erica Werner | Nov 8
A House committee waded through a fresh pile of amendments Wednesday as Republicans pressed their drive to overhaul the nation's tax system, a day after GOP lawmakers blocked Democrats' efforts to get bigger tax benefits for the cost of children.

Advice to Wisconsin Priests on LGBT Funerals is Criticized

Oct 26
A top aide to Bishop Robert Morlino has issued guidance to priests in the Catholic Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, that critics say could limit the availability of funeral rites within the church for gay people.

St. Louis Conference Honors 'LGBTQIA Saints and Prophets'

By Maria Dominguez | Oct 14
"Rolling the Stone Away: Generations of Love and Justice" brings together pro-LGBTQ Christian leaders from Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Metropolitan Community Churches and United Church of Christ communities.

Church Led by Gay Pastor Dismisses Homophobic Protester

By Brittany Ferrendi | Mar 6
In a livestream clipped by Pink News, an unidentified man walked in front of the service members and called openly gay Pastor Don Frueh an "abomination." He wore a shirt that read "FEAR GOD," and added, "I can't find a wife in this homosexual city."

Singer Trey Pearson Talks Coming Out As a Gay Christian Musician

By Jeff Taylor | Mar 5
Trey Pearson found success at a young age, signing a contract with Christian label Flicker Records, based in Tennessee, after just one year of college. Coming out as gay shook up his career - but freed him as an artist and a person.

A Wider Bridge Allows LGBT Jews To Keep Faith

By John McDonald | Jan 22
A Wider Bridge is a pro-Israel organization that seeks to build bridges between Israelis and LGBT North Americans and allies.

The Call to Serve :: LGBTQ Religious Leaders' Challenges, Rewards

By Maria Dominguez | Dec 11
Past decades have seen an ever-increasing number of faith leaders and even new faith traditions born on the principles of equality and universal love.

Lesbian Methodist Minister Charts Road Ahead

By Brian Bromberger | Aug 14
Karen Oliveto was preparing to move to Denver to assume her new duties as a bishop in the United Methodist Church when she thought about her new calling.

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