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New Play 'Building The Wall' Reveals a 'Terrifying Scenario'

Saturday Sep 16, 2017
"Building The Wall," reveals a scenario of how campaign promises made law might lead to a terrifying, seemingly inconceivable, yet inevitable conclusion.

Creep of the Week: Sam 'LGBT Behavior is a Choice They Make' Clovis

By D'Anne Witkowski | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
Yet he's been tapped to be the undersecretary of agriculture for research, education and economics. He's taught economics before and has a degree in public policy, but that's not the same as being someone who understands and believes in science.

Seven Tips to Overcome Junk Food Cravings

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
How do you submerge those monster cravings when all that junk food is so handy and plentiful?

Kesha: My True Colors Shining Through

Sunday Sep 10, 2017
A message from Kesha to her LGBTQ fans.

Seven Fitness Challenges to Prove How Jacked You Are

By Mikey Rox | Sunday Sep 10, 2017
You can keep the extra pounds at bay outside of beach season by participating in fitness and adventure events galore.

'Patti Cake$' Breakout Star Talks Gay Role Struggles

By Chris Azzopardi | Saturday Sep 9, 2017
Meet Danielle Macdonald here, and check out what she had to say about the message she hopes her new film conveys to the LGBT community and the drag queens who play a major role in her upcoming film

What's HOT South Florida :: Sept. 7 - 10

By Scott Holland | Thursday Sep 7, 2017
Shadows are longer but the mercury's not shrinking -- not around here! Here are the weekend's HOT offerings.

Eight Ways to Overcome Those Workout Doldrums

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
Can't get motivated? Chances are you're just experiencing good old-fashioned burnout with your present workout routine. Here are some tips to help rekindle the burn!

Interview: Why We Love Drag Star Taina Norell

By Scott Holland | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
HOTSPOTS Magazine sits down to get the dish straight rom the source -- in this case, Drag Star Taina Norell.

DJ Tracy Young Celebrates 25 Years in the DJ Booth

By Scott Holland | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
DJ Tracy Young celebrates 25 illustrious years behind the turntables this month. Her latest single, "Peace, Love, & Music," is already at #6 on the Billboard dance chart.

Bisexual Adult Film Star Talks Sexual Fluidity

By Scott Holland | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Jaxton Wheeler is not only one of the sexiest (have you seen that hairy body and those legs? DAMN!), and hard working men in Adult Film, but it turns out he is also a nice guy!

Put These 4 LGBT Summer Events on Your Bucket List (Before It's Too Late!)

By Mikey Rox | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Have you ticked off all the boxes on your super-gay summer checklist? Take a look at these last-minute activities to keep the final few weeks of lazy days fun and fancy free.

Claws Out: Niecy Nash Talks Queer-Loved Roles

By Chris Azzopardi | Thursday Aug 31, 2017
From her rib-tickling portrayal of Deputy Raineesha Williams in "Reno 911!" to "Getting On" and the Ryan Murphy-created "Scream Queens," the Emmy-nominated actress' career is as fabulously queer as her latest show, "Claws."

What's HOT South Florida : Aug. 31 - Sept. 4

By Scott Holland | Thursday Aug 31, 2017
Labor Day might be upon us, but never let 'em see you not sweat -- summer's far from over! In fact, it's still hotting up!

Hot Eats :: Kaluz Restaurant: So Chic, So Sophisticated, So Good!

By Richard Hack | Sunday Aug 27, 2017
In every town, there are hidden gems of fine dining that the locals would prefer to keep all to themselves. Such a place is Kaluz, a so-chic, so-sophisticated and so-good Intracoastal eatery.

Gloria Estefan to be Honored at Miami Task Force Gala

Sunday Aug 27, 2017
International superstar Gloria Estefan will be honored at the 2017 National LGBTQ Task Force Gala - Miami. The annual fundraising event will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 7, at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

By Tom Bonanti | Sunday Aug 27, 2017
One question I get again and again, is, "What should I eat before and after a workout?" Your nutritional requirements will vary depending upon the type of exercise you're doing.

Survey: Most Gay and Bi Men Don't Wear Condoms

By Colton Wooten | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
Condomless sex may be risky sex, but that won't stop most gay and bisexual men.

Former Skinhead 'Terrified' Of Charlottesville Violence

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
"When white supremacist leader Richard Spencer holds a news conference after a woman was killed by one of his fellow travelers and hosts reporters in his home, it becomes clear just how much more terrifying this new generation of extremists is."

Creep of the Week :: Linda Harvey Thinks LGBTQ Kids Are Predators

By D'Anne Witkowski | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
If a lesbian teen signs up for an all girls robotics camp it's because she likes robots not because she's hoping to "reprogram" the girls around her. But some people make EVERYTHING about sex...

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