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Review: Where is the Horror in 'The Wretched?'

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 11, 2020
Review: Where is the Horror in 'The Wretched?'

With comparisons to "The Goonies" and other young people cult films, a new IFC Midnight release was the most popular movie in theaters recently due to a very scant selection of films. On Blu-ray, "The Wretched" will likely be popular among horror fans who like non-scary sequences and fairy tale stories.

"The Wretched" succeeds in its depiction of a coming-of-age story. Young Ben (John Paul Howard) has a rebellious side and gets shipped off for the summer to shack up with his estranged Dad. As he gets a summer job working at a marina, he's teased by the local young townspeople and at the same time starts a budding friendship with a female co-worker.

Ben becomes mostly housebound for the summer and spies on the neighbors next door, where he discovers they're not what they appear to be.

Young Ben believes that the urban legend of a witch haunts the local woods and has come to possess the next-door neighbors. And because "The Wretched" is a horror movie, everyone thinks poor Ben is either on drugs or just plain crazy.

I liked John Paul Howard's performance...I found him believable and charming. But "The Wretched" horror elements barely make a dent in an otherwise intriguing film.

Two audio commentaries, one with writers/directors The Pierce Brothers and the other with composer Devin Burrows, are part of IFC's special features on the Blu-ray.

"The Wretched"

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