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Reports Emerge of Trans Military Ban Policy

By Tucker Berardi | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Despite a wave of criticism, Trump's capricious anti-trans military policy seems to be making its rounds and becoming more than just a series of tweets.

RuPaul's Drag Race Winner Becomes Comic Book Hero

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Aug 13, 2017
Bob the Drag Queen won season 8 of "RuPaul's Drag Race" and has kept the momentum going ever since. Now she stars as Kickass Drag Queen in her own comic strip exclusively in an Instagram slideshow.

Gay Superhero Fights Nazis in New CW Series

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
The CW is releasing a series based around a gay superhero this fall on their digital outlet CW Seed.

Gay Man Gives Birth to Couple's Biological Son

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
A gay transgender man became a topic of discussion over the last few months, documenting the parenting journey he and his husband entered into and posting updates throughout the pregnancy.

Organizers Cancel Florida Gay Festival Over Scheduling Controversy

By J. W. Arnold | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
Organizers of the two-year-old Gay8 celebration on Miami's Calle Ocho on Tuesday cancelled the 2018 festival after city officials granted a permit to a competing event planned for the same date in January.

Disney Junior Cartoon Features Interracial Gay Moms

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
Disney Junior, a network aimed at children aged 2-7, reveals same-sex parents in a recent episode of "Doc McStuffins, "a show about a girl who fixes broken toys.

Work It! Labor Day Get-Aways

By Rick Karlin | Wednesday Aug 9, 2017
For most of the country, Labor Day signifies the unofficial end of summer. Here are a few mini-vacation ideas to fill up that weekend in style.

Do Decreased Funding and Drug-Resistant Infections Portend Impending AIDS Outbreak?

By Tucker Berardi | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
The threat of an impending HIV/AIDS outbreak lies in new drug-resistant strains. Second- and third-line treatments are less reliable and difficult to administer to patients in poor countries.

Raising Healthy Kids & Being a Mentor to Newly Out Younger LGBTs

By Doug Nelson, LMHC | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
This article will highlight how business leaders and owners from the LGBTQ community can serve as role models and allies to the teenagers and young adults who begin their journey as out LGBTQ persons.

Ark Theme Park Encounters Controversy Over Rainbow Lights

By Ian Robert Hemley | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
"Let there be light," God once declared when he created the Earth. This week the man behind the fundamentalist Christian theme park Ark Encounter, Ken Ham, also made the same declaration -- in rainbow colors.

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