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I Like Scary Movies

by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Apr 5, 2019
"I Like Scary Movies"
"I Like Scary Movies"  

A co-production between Ultra Productions and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, the new art installation /selfie museum pop-up "I Like Scary Movies" is a sinisterly clever way to celebrate your favorite Warner Bros. scary movies and get cool pics to post on social media.

Incorporating five films — "The Shining," "Beetlejuice," "IT: Chapter One," "A Nightmare on Elm Street," and "The Lost Boys" — the interactive exhibition takes themes, images, and props from those films and creates elaborate and frightening big-picture opportunities for you and your friends.

Located in The Desmond building on Wilshire Blvd, the 25,000 square foot elaborate set allows visitors to wander from area to area to experience a variety of scenes from films they know and love. The first thing fright-film fans are confronted with huge shrubs cut to spell out the creepy and iconic "Redrum" from "The Shining." You can sit in little Danny's tricycle, stand between the spooky twin girls that just want to play, prop yourself in front of the blood-gushing elevator, and stand in the shower where the naked old lady ghost waited for her victims.

There's also Beetlejuice's graveyard, Pennywise's lair, Freddy Krueger's throne of faces, and a huge clawed glove you can stand under. The "Lost Boys" scenes offer David's lair, a giant Chinese take-out box of "just worms, Michael," as well as a set designed to look like you're hanging underneath the train tracks where David tests Michael's fear.

All of the art installations are really well-conceived and truly make for some fun picture opportunities. The staff is helpful and friendly and you can tell a lot of care went into the construction of each area of the exhibit and were obviously dreamed-up by fans of the films themselves. It really is a horror movie and selfie-lover's dream come true. So if you've ever wanted to find yourself cut in half on the waiting room of the recently deceased or in a coffin surrounded by clowns, this event is for you.

One-two-Freddy is definitely coming for you. As is Pennywise, the Santa Clara vampires, Jack, and Beetlejuice himself! The only question is: Will you find your way out? (Or, will you want to?)

"I Like Scary Movies" is located at The Desmond, 5514 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA and is open now until June 16. Tix are $39 and can be purchased at showclix.com. For more information visit http://www.ilikescarymoviesexperience.com

Kevin Taft is a screenwriter/critic living in Los Angeles with an unnatural attachment to 'Star Wars' and the desire to be adopted by Steven Spielberg.


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