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'Do You Feel Safe Tonight?' Asks CNN's Don Lemon in Response to Florida Shootings

Thursday Feb 15, 2018

CNN commentator Don Lemon came out hard against gun violence last night in response to yesterday's Florida school shooting.

"Do you feel safe tonight?" he asked.

"This is a sickness that has infected the country, unchecked and unfettered gun violence," Lemon said on CNN reported The Hill today.

"Today, 17 lives are over, 17 families are torn apart. Parents who sent their children to school this morning, imagine that," the out commentator continued.

Lemon added that he feels the situation is getting worse with each mass killing.

"Every single one of us is just playing the odds, at this point. The odds that in a country of 325 million souls, that we won't be the ones who get hit by the next bullet that starts flying. We won't be the one who gets that phone call about someone you love who did.

"Are you really willing to keep playing those odds," he said. "Have we forgotten that life is a gift?"

Lemon also said that the time for political debate on gun control has long since past, taking a swipe at politicians who say that in the days following such tragedies, talk of gun control legislation should not occur.

"People who oppose gun control will say today's not the day to talk about it. And you know what, they are absolutely right," he said.

"Because the day to talk about it was weeks, months, years or decades ago."

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