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by Jason Salzenstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jan 11, 2007

Last year we discovered Little Moon Essentials when we were looking for natural bodycare and bath accessories. Well, we liked the products so much that we just tried a few more, and found them to be just as great!

Spray your stress away

After the holidays, it seems everyone is looking for a bit of stress relief. A massage has always been my first choice, but in lieu of that, I found that Little Moon’s Clear Skies Ahead was a great therapeutic solution. An aromatherapy mist, it works by breaking the anxiety loop in your head. The floral essential oils help to calm the senses and bring your stress level down a few notches. If you’re a driver in Boston, New York, or any other big cities, it’s excellent to keep in your car when you’re caught in that lovely rush hour (you know, the one that goes from about 8am until 9pm...)

Natural headache relief

For headaches that often accompany stress, Aching Head Rub works quickly and naturally, largely because you’re treating the pain at the source. Simply rub the pain-relieving salve on unbroken skin anywhere it hurts. Sounds too easy to be true, but believe me, it helps.

Sleep DOES come easy...

Another salve that we love is the Sleep Comes Easy. Perfect for those nights when you can’t stop thinking and counting sheep hasn’t worked. A deep whiff of this salve and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time. Just rub it on your neck and/or head before hitting the sheets and tension, pain and worries melt away.

All of Little Moon Essential’s products are made with natural ingredients- which is probably why they work so well. They’re also inexpensive and simple to use- a combination that we frankly can’t resist.

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