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Top Five Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Cities

Sunday Jan 29, 2012

Travel search engine Kayak recently shared their travel trends and data for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday.

Based on searches for hotels and flights on, Kayak sourced the top five most romantic destinations based on both a) search volume (the number of searches for that location) and b) the percentage of change in search volume for Valentine's Day vs. the weekends prior and following February 14th.

Those with a higher percentage change (for example, searches for NYC shot up 64% for V-Day compared to the two weekends flanking it) are deemed more romantic by Kayak. This was used to weed out the standard searches of Vegas, LA, NYC, etc. that always see a high volume of travel search queries regardless of the time of year.

The top five most romantic cities from Kayak hotel searches are:
1. New York City

2. Venice, Italy

Searches for US flights showed a spike for Valentine’s travel to New York City and Chicago.

3. Honolulu, HI

4. Maui, HI

5. Denver (Romantic Ski Chalet weekend)

Also, searches for US flights showed a spike for Valentine's travel to New York City and Chicago.

Where are Bostonians headed for Valentine's Day 2012? The top two destinations include Chicago and Puerto Rico according to US flight searches on


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