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Jake Hegge's Musical Tales

MUSIC | By Joel Martens | May 19
The world of music is a better, richer one because of the work of this skilled composer and those with whom he has collaborated. Jake Hegge talks about his life and career.

'Newsies' :: Watch What Happens

THEATRE | By Joel Martens | May 8
Like many theatrical tales, "Newsies" is based on a true story pulled from history's pages. Joey Barreiro, who plays the show's main character, talks about the play and its realities.

Michael Carbonaro, Star of truTV's 'The Carbonaro Effect,' Presents "Michael Carbonaro LIVE!"

THEATRE | By Mike Halterman | May 8
Even now, audiences around the country can experience a feeling of magic and wonder with Carbonaro as he brings the tricks to you -- and it's all live!

'Hollywood' :: Feeding the Obsession

THEATRE | By Lisa Lipsey | May 7
Two-time Tony winning playwright Joe DiPietro is taken with a true life crime story, a star-studded cold case from 1922. In this interview he offers his thoughts on his new show, which he describes as a "noir thriller."

His Lola Adventure

THEATER | By Richard Dodds | May 1
He did not create the role of Lola in "Kinky Boots," but it sometimes seems like the role was created for him.

Duncan Sheik Reconsiders A Psycho and Makes Beautiful Music

THEATRE | By Mark Kennedy | Apr 9
The first time Duncan Sheik read the disturbingly gory novel "American Psycho," it didn't go well. He got halfway through the book before throwing it across his dorm room in disgust.

Anthony Rapp :: Seasons of Life

THEATRE | By Joel Martens | Jan 31
Success stories for actors in the best of circumstances are a rarity, and for LGBTQ actors it's even harder to "make it." Anthony Rapp's is one such success story. The actor discusses his life and career.

'When the Rain Stops Falling' :: Director Rob Lufty and the Brilliance of Words

THEATRE | By Lisa Lipsey | Jan 10
Rob Lutfy, associate artistic director at Cygnet has taken on directing this powerful, multi-layered story that spans four generations and two continents. Here are his thoughts on the play.

Martinis with Jackie

THEATRE | By Lisa Lipsey | Dec 19
Enjoy her latest show as she ponders some of the most important questions that humankind has had since the dawn of time... "Why are we here?" "Is there really a God?" And, the most important of them all, "White Meat or Dark?"

The Heart of the Grinch

THEATRE | By Lisa Lipsey | Dec 7
J. Bernard Calloway is best known to San Diego audiences for his standout performance as Delray in the La Jolla Playhouse musical "Memphis" -- and now he has been cast as San Diego's most lovable Christmas villain, The Grinch.

1 thru 10 of 116 Stories