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JetBlue Apologizes for Swapping Children Passengers

Sep 5
Jetblue has apologized for a mixup that ended up delivering a different child to a waiting mother.

The Quest to End Lost Airline Luggage

By Scott Mayerowitz | Sep 2
Ultimately the bag tag might be replaced with permanent RFID readers in our suitcases, reducing the chances fliers in the future will start a vacation missing their swimsuit.

Complexity Makes Airline Computer Systems Vulnerable

By David Koenig | Aug 12
Twice in less than a month, a major airline was paralyzed by a computer outage that prevented passengers from checking in and flights from taking off. Why do these kinds of meltdowns keep happening?

Congress Passes Aviation Bill to Close Airport Security Gaps

By Joan Lowy | Jul 14
Congress passed an aviation bill Wednesday that attempts to close gaps in airport security and shorten screening lines, but leaves thornier issues unresolved.

Southwest CEO on Keeping Perks Free, 'Vastly Outdated' Air Traffic Control System

Jun 24
Celebrating 45 years of service, it flies more domestic passengers than any other airline.

DHS Secretary on TSA Delays: We're Not Going to Compromise Aviation Security

May 27
This Memorial Day weekend, an estimated 2.6 million people are expected to travel by air. The TSA is racing to add hundreds of workers to brace for the influx of passengers, but relief may not come fast enough.

The Rights You Give Up When You Buy A Plane Ticket

May 9
An Ivy League professor's mistaken removal from a flight is raising questions about passenger rights.

New Threat to U.S. Airlines?

Apr 30
Norwegian flights could be headed towards to the United States, and American airlines are not happy about it.

Fliers Beware: New Airfare Rule Could Lead to Costly Mistake

By Scott Mayerowitz | Apr 7
The three largest U.S. airlines have changed the way they price multi-city trips, forcing those who book such itineraries to pay hundreds of extra dollars in airfare.

Bill Would Standardize the Way Airlines Disclose Fees

By Joan Lowy | Mar 12
The government would standardize the way airlines disclose fees for basic services like checked bags, seat assignments and ticket changes so that passengers can more easily comparison-shop the full cost of flights.

1 thru 10 of 437 Stories