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Still Getting A Kick Outta Joan Rivers

by Bill Biss
Sunday Jun 16, 2013

Let's get the work out of the way first. Audiences and admirers... and there are many... can see Ms. Joan Rivers in action doing her "stand up" stand-out this month. Friday, June 21, Joan takes over the air-waves and that harbor view at the beautifully framed Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay in San Diego.

Fans of the eternally-lifted Rivers can also tune in in June on QVC on Friday, June 7 for what she has christened "a day-long pitch for 'great hair.' " Heck, you boys probably see that chick on the street!

You can also catch Joan languishing in her bed... with "special" guests, by logging onto inbedwithjoan.com/L.A during her new web series: "In Bed With Joan." No rest for the wicked I guess!

With no introduction necessary and in the process (if you close your eyes just a wee bit) some words of wisdom from an elder who's a whip with a one-liner and storyline: It's JOOOOOAN Rivers.

Do you have any kind of set plans for your birthday on June 8?

Nothing. I'm working at QVC and I'm also working at E!, which I love. I love that I'm busy and I'm working. That's how I like to spend a birthday. I'm not a great one for "Oooh, it's my birthday. Everyone stop." It's my birthday and how lucky I am... let's everyone keep going.

All right! I like that. You shared some of your philosophy about five years ago when you were in London. You said if you really like something, you gotta work hard. None of this "9 to 5" stuff or "I'm tired."

Absolutely right. And, you listened to me?


You're a fool (laughter all around).

But a happy one.

"But a happy one." Okay, that's good. That's good then.

I'd love to get "in" bed with you but I've already come out of the closet. Please share some news about your latest creation "In Bed with Joan."

"In Bed with Joan" is on the Internet and it's no commercials... no nothing. I do it myself out of Melissa's house. I just do it because I get people I like and I'm interviewing people I like. It sounds really stupid. I'm having the best time in the world. There's no studio head, there's no network to say "you can't say that" or "we prefer you didn't talk about that." It's just doing a show and it's a great success and it's so much fun. I've had everybody... everybody from Sarah Silverman to RuPaul to Penn and Teller to Gary Busey. My god, they're all coming on. It's just wonderful.

I've seen a few shows and it makes me want to come back for more.

Yeah, and it's a long form, which they usually don't have on television, they usually have short form, you know. It's just sit back and I ask them questions and they are all so relaxed... 'cause they're in bed.


It's another project and I think that's great.

Have you ever thought of doing an episode on E! that looks back at your fashion "dos and don'ts?"

Yeah... they would all be "don't." You look back and you look at pictures and you go, "How insane was I to wear that! How insane was that?" You know something, that's what fashion should be... it should be fun.

Yeah, I laughed at your comment about Anna Wintour.

That was taken out of context... but you know, she is such a cold fish. She takes it all sooooo seriously. You wanna go, "Calm down, comedy is fun. Just relax."

Did you ever, how do you rebel?

My whole life is rebelling... even if there is nothing to rebel about. (Laughter) I get on stage and I yell and scream and it's rebelling. It's all there.

Truly, thank you and I'm looking forward to your show here in San Diego.

That's great. Lovely to talk to you again, a pleasure.

For tickets and more information call 877.740.7134 or go to humphreysconcerts.com

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