Review :: City Of Women

MOVIES | May 31
In this Freudian trawl through lust, desire, and self-mockery, women are the focus of male need and puerile misconduct, but also the origin of those things -- devils and bedevilment all in one.

Review :: Paris 05:59: Theo And Hugo

MOVIES | By Roger Walker-Dack | May 31
It is a somewhat unexpected revelation when the explicit sex leads into a tender and delightful tale of love at first sight between two cute young guys.

Review :: Upstairs Inferno

MOVIES | By Kilian Melloy | May 31
This Robert L. Camina documentary recounts the tragic fire at a New Orleans gay bar, the Upstairs Lounge, that briefly raged out of control on the afternoon of Sunday, June 24, 1973, taking an appalling toll in human life.

Review :: Coming In

MOVIES | By Frank J. Avella | May 31
The film would not work if Kostja Ullmann weren't as charismatic and charming (and hot) as he is, and Aylin Tezel wasn't as sweet and endearing as she is.

Loss, Accusations Mark A Turbulent Few Days For Johnny Depp

CELEBRITIES | By Sandy Cohen | May 30
Johnny Depp seemed the picture of rock star cool as he played guitar onstage in Portugal with his band, the Hollywood Vampires. An ocean away, he is facing serious accusations.